Reince Priebus is the chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC). The RNC plays a key role in determining delegate allocation procedures for the Republican Party.

Everyone has voiced their opinion and have said “it’s the rules” regarding this election, arguably with reverence “it’s not the rules, it’s the voting system.”

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas swept all of Colorado’s 34 delegates without any votes being cast by citizens in a traditional primary process. Are you trying to tell me that out of the wide population of the State of Colorado everyone voted for Cruz. Because logically, Ted Cruz taking all of the 34 delegates implies this. Are we supposed to believe that the selection of these 34 delegates from the small number of party regulars at this convention represents all the republican voters of the State of Colorado? And we wonder why people all over this country whether republican or democrat are disenfranchised with congress, now the election and especially the GOP.

Our voting process is rigged and is strategically based on delegate’s biases. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a whole lot to do with real voters except for the beginning of the process, leading voters to believe that as United States citizens your vote will count. Initially we are led to believe it will. We participate and vote in the primaries and the caucuses watching the televised results; that seems to be a fair process. It gives you a good and honest feeling. Then comes the delegates, the unbound delegates, and the super delegates and here we go into a tail spin of not logically understanding how any of this makes any sense.

In the first phase, states select either 1) a primary voting process; or  2) a caucus; or 3) a open or closed forum which god knows what it happening behind the scenes; or 4) as in the State Of Colorado who chose a state convention where people were chosen to fill the 34 delegates based on a one minute and a half speech stating why they should be selected. This sounds ludicrous and ridiculous. According to this process a manager hiring a professional would allocate only 1 minute and a half to interview a interviewee?  It’s easy to see where people’s biases and prejudice views influence each other and is not necessarily a representative of all the voters which is a large demographic population in the State of Colorado. Are we supposed to believe that the selection of these 34 delegates from the small number of party regulars at this convention represents all the republican voters for the State of Colorado? How can you possibly believe that all 34 delegates is a true representation of the people in this state. Now the question is how is it possible that the people of the great State of Colorado never got to vote in the Republican Primary?

So my initial thoughts this morning were the following, until I heard once again “the rules are the rules” on television.

On this bright beautiful day I had decided to move my thoughts and energy back to me and my haven. We all know when it’s too much and you say “enough is enough” and it loses it’s appeal. I’ve observed very closely this election and those running for president in this defining and pivotal year of 2016. This election and the next president’s term will eventually become a part of the history of politics and an analysis of how well those who weathered the process will rise and ultimately become president. I assumed through my naivety that the voting process was equal and fair. That politics and special interest groups and right winged mainstream could only go so far while skulking manipulations is truly occurring behind the scenes.

But this isn’t new to elections and candidates know that elections will really become a battle field where everything and anything that is said will be broadcast through the news and social media. And in the past elections candidates used the present tools that were accessible to them. Mr. Trump is using social media to get his message out and accrue voters. Especially those voters who are unemployed and are completely disenfranchised with the GOP party. The news and social media report and reveal all the good, the bad, and the ugly. It eventually becomes a fight of words and dismissive irreverence. Whether offhandedly said or implied the candidates weather a grueling process and I commend them for their stamina and their willpower. All this to lead to the day of their inauguration.

I’ve learned more about strategic process in politics. More importantly I’ve learned a great deal of the logistics and process of our voting system. I’ve heard comments from senior news correspondents who question the whole voting process and call it undemocratic like Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett on CNN, they were just as surprised as I was; initially. Someone from the New York Times yesterday said “of course it’s corrupt and undemocratic.” I like those kind of observers who call a spade a spade. Though maintaining your objective eye on all the candidates is a great place to start but ultimately it doesn’t end that way. We are all human and someone’s conviction will ring true with our hearts and mind. The candidates message, voice, charisma, experience, conviction, and how well they appeal to the voters and ultimately the delegates when going to a contested convention. You pray that whoever you vote for will win based on that magic number and we avoid the whole process of wooing and persuading unbound and super delegates. Because that magic number reflects the people’s vote; from there on I’m not sure. I have to be honest.

KeepingUInformed ~ Natalie Keshing