President Millard Fillmore 1850-1853. As the narrator may I introduce you to two woman Fanny and Sylvia very interested in the coming election. They met in the morning and the evening.

“Did I tell you Fanny that the council decided to proceed with their bullheadedness insisting to collect that property in the South Carolinas. After my Jeffry made it perfectly clear that that parcel of property is not theirs and there has to be a number of legal proceedings before they can act.”

“Well who does the property belong to Sylvia?

“Well Jeffrey was able to track down their ancestry and it leads to a great great granddaughter who lives in England. I said to Jeffrey offer our home if she has to travel here to arrange her affairs with her property. It is rightfully hers. It has been in her family for generations.”

“Then if she hasn’t been here to the states. Who’s horses are those in the pasture?”

“Really, that’s a perfectly good question, who’s are they? How is the campaigning going for our Presidential hopeful Millard Fillmore?”

“Well, someone has brought up his citizenship. He was born on the very border that divides us and Canada.”

“Oh that could be scandalous and disgraceful to someone’s reputation.”

“Fillmore is an anti-slavery moderate and Richard and I have a great
deal of respect for him understanding the ridiculousness and disgraceful
conduct of those actions and I don’t like people referring to these fine
people as darkies they are American African. I won’t hire an American
African to work in my household no sirree we have better minds then to
join the judgement of fools. I take great pride that I’am an independent.
Abigail is Mr. Filllmore’s wife. They were married in February, 1826. A
very stable couple to represent our country. Not like the likes of Zachery
Taylor. His antics repulses me. He’s a loud mouth and doesn’t have the
proper respect to hold himself with integrity. He’s picking on all our
immigrants who are coming to the shorelines. We were all immigrants coming here to the United States. How easily we forget when greed casts it’s nefarious intentions.”

“Well, if you need our help, Jeffrey and I can rally from our side and bring many voters when the time comes.”

“Are you still up for proceeding with our secret.”

“Up for it, you should see my checkered shirt and overalls. I even have a mustache. Jeffrey said I looked mighty tasty. That man he is incorrigible.”

They both laugh. ~ Natalie Keshing