I have acted throughout my life in community theater, regional theater, a little television, and one screen movie. I have a broad range. I have recorded scenes, verses, dialogues where I play a multiple of characters with different voices and accents, including an impression of Toto the dog in the Wizard of Oz. I encourage you to listen to these recordings. This demonstrates my range. I wrote all my recorded material and do both voices in each scene, except for the scenes for “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane.”

“What an incredible, creative, and expressive mind, awareness you possess, Natalie.  I am still listening to the music accompanying your entries on LinkedIn and I’m simply astounded. What makes it even better is my imaging that natural photo of you, all just amazing. I’ve almost gushed, too much about you, yet the more I see a layer unpeeled, I find so much more to bring out, to comment about you. In the very brief time I’ve known you via LinkedIn, I have grown to see your essence itself as a star of the very high order; however, hearing all of this, especially that around Toto, confirms to me that you are to be a star of some sort that encompasses this beautiful collection. Thank you, so much for sharing this with me, Natalie. Many folks proclaim writing and poetry expertise in Santa Fe, in general and then more specifically on the web; however, this woman, Natalie Keshing, has a more prolific set of talents and gifts than I actually have ever come to know.. Partially. her words and musings connect so cleanly with me, and more importantly they are bred from a pool of universal greatness.” ~ Robert Carlson