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Key points:

  1. If you have to get vaccinated, see How to treat COVID for tips on what vaccine to get, pre- and post-medications to avoid side effects. If you’ve already been vaccinated, it will also explain how to treat vaccine side-effects.
  2. Based upon our research, it appears that vaccines have killed over 150,000 Americansso far.
  3. If you are against vaccine mandates, please register here.
  4. Nobody prominent will meet with our team to discuss any of the issues raised here.
  5. The vaccines have not shown to have a statistically significant all-cause morbidity or mortality benefit. They make no sense. In fact, the all-cause morbidity is elevated and it is highly statistically significant (see Table 1).  According to a former insider, Sunnycrest nursing home in Canada just gave booster shots for 136 residents. The results: 4 died and 7 were hospitalized. Benefit: To save one life in a year. This is nonsensical, but nobody is paying attention to the actual numbers.
  6. Early treatment using repurposed drugs is superior to vaccination on every metric. But the NIH and FDA want to push the vaccine so they claim early treatments don’t work. This is killing people, including vaccinated people with breakthrough cases. The opinion of the FDA is now at the top of the evidence-based medicine pyramid (e.g., that ivermectin is harmful even though the systematic reviews say it isn’t). So expert opinion of the FDA and NIH now trumps evidence-based medicine.
  7. Mask wearing is pure political theater. It’s actually harmful. The Danish study that showed it didn’t work had to be changed to say it worked in order to get published; nothing like distorting science to fit the political narrative. This isn’t the only example of this. Papers that go against the narrative are either rejected as “out of scope” or for some other reason. Even top scientists can’t get published (even after passing peer review). Science is being redefined here. Even meeting notes from a meeting to approve the use of fluvoxamine for COVID has been rejected by 6 journals so far (a 9 month delay thus far).

Here are some of the recent documents I’ve produced on vaccine safety:

Nicki Minaj was right and all the world’s experts were wrong
All the scientific evidence I could find shows Nicki was absolutely right and all the experts were wrong.

My Rumble channel
All my vaccine videos are posted here because YouTube censors my videos within minutes after posting.

My $1M bet termsheet
This is your chance to prove me wrong and win $1M at the same time! If you think the vaccines are perfectly safe and have killed fewer than 500 American and you can raise $1M, open this document immediately. This is your chance to double your money with a few hours of effort!

TFNT1: Have the COVID vaccines killed over 200,000 Americans? (video,  slides PDF,  slides source)
Shows how to calculate excess deaths from the vaccine and makes a compelling case for stopping vaccination now and replacing with early treatment if you get COVID. No more masks, social distancing, or lockdowns required. Nobody will do it. Instead we will continue to mandate a vaccine that kills more people than it saves. Feel free to make derivative works of the slides. There is a link to the slides source.

TFNT2: The Abrien Aguirre interview (video, slides)
This is an expanded version of the original interview with COVID healthcare whistleblower Abrien Aguirre. He says he observed 32 deaths from the vaccine and not a single COVID death.

TFNT3: Pfizer’s own study shows all-cause mortality increase (video, slides PDF, slide source)
We examine the Pfizer 6 month study and show that more people who died that got the vaccine than got the placebo. Wasn’t the idea that the vaccines were supposed to save lives? The younger you are, the worse it is. The VAERS data enables us to estimate that we basically kill 6 kids for every child we save from COVID. If there is a more accurate estimate, please let us know.

TFNT4: Vaccines kill more people than they save (video,  slides PDF, slide source)
The most definitive study on all-cause mortality is the Pfizer 6 month phase 3 trial report which had 20 deaths in the vaccine group and 14 deaths in the placebo group. So we killed 7 people to save one COVID life in that study (the most accurate ratio is closer to kill 2 to save 1). This is why mandates are required. Anyone who looks closely at the data has no interest in taking the vaccine. This is why so many doctors and nurses avoid getting vaccinated: the cost-benefit just isn’t there. But they will NEVER admit they were wrong. We will continue to suppress early treatment and keep telling people “the vaccine is safe and effective.” It’s a lie and nobody who is respected in the medical community will debate me on the data.

TFNT5: WXYZ-TV Facebook request backfires: Revenge of the vaccine injured (video)
WXYZ-TV wanted to do a story on how people lost an unvaccinated loved one to COVID. Instead, they found that everyone was getting injured and dying from the vaccines. Whoops! But don’t worry. They won’t disclose that the vaccines are unsafe. They will continue to mislead the public. I spent an hour on the page so you can see it before they remove the page from public view.

TFNT6: Steve Kirsch interviewed by Jack Thompson about vaccine safety (video)
I don’t pull any punches at all in this video about how I got started, what the evidence says, and how people try to discredit me.

VRBPAC meeting (slides PDF, slide source)
My remarks at the September 17 FDA VRBPAC meeting to approve the booster.

Jessica Rose: Latest VAERS video (1 hour)
Shows why we should be stopping the vaccines now due to safety concerns.

Comment written for the ACIP 8-30-21 meeting
This is a good overall introduction to the key issues. It is only 30 pages and is very recent.

Estimating the number of COVID vaccine deaths in America
This document uses VAERS to estimate the total number of excess deaths caused by the vaccines (over 150,000). There is also a table of elevated adverse events caused by the vaccine sorted by X factor (e.g., 10 means occurs at 10 times the normal rate reported to VAERS).

Why so many Americans are refusing to get vaccinated
Over 180 reasons why passing on vaccination is a good idea. If you want to be armed for a debate, this is the document to read.

Vaccine Safety FAQ
A 200 page document of over 100 questions answered about vaccine safety including how the FDA missed all the safety signals and a table of adverse events and their frequency distribution. Has the Dose 1 and Dose 2 VAERS analysis links.

Vaccine Safety Evidence
Contains additional references and detailed calculations by age showing how we calculated the breakeven point for when vaccines would have a favorable risk/benefit ratio.

A condensed version of the famous DarkHorse podcast (only 1 hour):

A repost of the original 3.5 hour DarkHorse podcast: