“Here’s what we learned today from James Comey’s testimony: The president of the United States never obstructed justice, and in fact encouraged the FBI director to go forward with any and all investigations into campaign associates’ potential involvement with Russia.”

“And we learned that James Comey is a political hack.”

“Comey confirmed several times that the president and the White House did not ask him to stop the Russia investigation. Comey said multiple times that President Trump was not and never was under investigation. Why the FBI director couldn’t have come out sooner to lift this cloud remains unclear.”

“We also learned that Comey was selectively leaking information to the press to try and damage the president. What so-called champion of law and justice would ever do that to the president of the United States?”

“But the biggest news out of Comey’s testimony was the indictment of the Obama administration and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Comey admitted that Lynch was able to pressure him into toning down his own language when speaking publicly about Hillary Clinton’s email investigation. Wow!”

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