Has Iran Exhausted All It’s Attempts to Continue to Effect the World Economy Negatively

Iran for the last three to four months has made itself known on the world stage focusing on interrupting and attacking vessels transferring oil to their final destinations. President Trump made the final decision to pull the United States out of the previous President’s administration Nuclear Iran deal. Iran has responded with a large scale temper tantrum; dead set on retaliating and making not only the US but other nations who benefit from the transfer of oil to their final destinations suffer. President Trump has put in place the highest sanctions on Iran to deter and stop the continual attempts to destroy and bully the vessels carrying and transferring oil and now they have attacked Saudi Arabia’s main oil refinery. Iran has denied that they were involved in the attack and the Houthis in Yemen have tried to take the credit for such a large scale bombing not having that kind of kinetic operational weaponry to do the damage that was done.